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Tree Trimming

Bring new life to your tree with an expert trimming from our tree professionals.

Proper pruning enhances the natural beauty of your trees and shrubs and help you preserve the strength, stature and seasonal character they add to your property.

Seven Brothers Tree Service pruning professionals use the American National Standards for Pruning, ANSI A300, and are supervised by an ISA certified arborist.

Because each cut has the potential to change the growth of a tree, no branch should be removed without first establishing clearly defined objectives. Several pruning methods can be used to meet the desired objectives. Removing the correct stems and branches to accomplish specified goals is as important as making correct pruning cuts. Proper pruning improves the overall health, appearance and safety of your trees and a properly maintained tree can increase the property value of your home.

Objectives for pruning included: Reducing the potential for tree or branch failure, providing clearance, reducing shade and wind resistance, maintaining health, influencing flower or fruit production, improving a view, and as well as improving the aesthetics of the tree itself.