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Palm Tree Service

Let Seven Brothers experienced climbers trim your palm trees. Our experts are trained on all Palm Tree species in the Las Vegas Valley. You can rest assure you are protected from any personal liability due to the extreme hazards of palm trimming. We are properly licensed, insured, and hold our crews to high safety standards.

Palm pruning should be performed when fronds, flowers, fruit, or loose petioles might create a dangerous condition. Although palms shed fronds and reproductive parts naturally, this may pose a hazard in an urban setting. Some species hold several years of dead fronds and may suddenly shed hundreds of pounds of them, which can be extremely hazardous.

Over pruning of palms can contribute to mineral deficiencies and declining health of the palm tree. Wounds on palms do not heal and are present for the life of the tree. For aesthetic purposes, Seven Brothers Tree Service offers skinning of Mexican Fan Palms, shaping and sculpting of Canary Island Date Palms and diamond cutting on Date Palms.